about me

I am a London based Creative Producer and Content Creator. I currently work at The Midnight Club agency producing the latest advertisements and events for clients such as adidas, H&M, Biome among others. I graduated from Goldsmiths Collage in 2019 majoring in Media & Communications studies. I specialised in Journalism studies as my Media practise and Sociology studies as my theory specialisation.

I moved from Barcelona to London to study and expand her work in photography and videography, and follow her passion for cars and motorsports. I have worked as a freelance photographer and content creator on fashion, music, events and sports industries in Barcelona, London, Los Angeles and New York City.


At Goldsmiths University, I founded and run the Photography Society. I was in charge of organising weekly workshops and talks to create a society of aspiring photographers and photographers who want to enter to the freelance creative industry. I was also in charge of all the social media, society programming and events production. 

During my studies, I co-founded ADEPT-GAZE. It was a creative network that focused on the promotion of young and talented artists based in London through short introductory videos. We organised a successful launching event thanks to a crowdfunding project and being able to exhibit artists audio visuals and artwork.

I have worked as an Assistant Producer with TBI Media for the BBC during the CBBC Summer Social festival in Liverpool (July-August 2018); and I have been involved on the production of a new-brand and exclusive BBC Podcast called All Hail Kale produced by Tonic Productions for BBC Sounds as a Researcher and Assistant Producer.

After graduating from university, I started working as a Junior Creative Producer for The Midnight Club. I have been working on the creative production of advertisements for adidas and H&M among others. I have been able to develop my production and researching skills in the fashion and creative industry which allowed me to create my own platform for car enthusiasts and creative arts in motorsports industry. 

I founded the platform of Car Scene London and Car Scene London Clothing. CSL has given me the opportunity to reach out to car enthusiasts and attend car and motorsport events. This idea under developments tries to fill the gap in the car industry between young creatives and car enthusiasts with brands and meet ups, of creating elaborate and high standards content by a young hype and trendy community. CSL Clothing is a platform I use as an inspiration mood board and hopefully one day sell the designs I produce.



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